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Through out the past year we’ve been working and editing thousands of photos, developing different presets. Many of which you can purchase here!

We’ll be updating/uploading presets every now and then, so stay tuned!!

Below you’ll find our latest set of 10 Presets!:

México Lindo:




Autumn Vibes:

Cozy Tones:

Naranja Faded:

Ocean Teal:


White Cream:

Lr Preset Pack (10 Presets)

We’ve developed a new set of presets and put them together with our best-sellers! All presets will be sent as a DNG File for you to use on the Lr Mobile App! No need for a PC or an account by Adobe’s Creative Cloud! Keep in mind that the presets might need some small tweaks and adjustments depending on the photo you want to edit, since the lighting & highlights are not always the same on each photo. The download link with the Preset Pack will be sent via email within the next 12hrs after purchase! Thank you! We hope you enjoy using them! 🙂

4,99 €

How to import one of our Presets into Lr CC:

4 Replies to “Presets”

  1. Margarita says:

    Hello, I am from Russia and I want to buy presets. Thx.

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